Mac based dictation designed for everyone. Built for you.

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TalkType Dictation

Highly Accurate Dictation for Mac

The only robust, highly accurate dictation software designed and built specifically for Mac.

Hundreds of Voice Commands

Control your mac with your voice with hundreds of voice commands out of the box.

Customisable to You

Add customer words, acronyms and phrases to customize TalkType to you.

Why Use TalkType

Increase Productivity

Dictating is x3 times faster than typing

Reduce Barriers

Remove barriers caused by disabilities

Greater Accuracy

Get your notes down quickly and accurately

What People Are Saying

Kansas Chan
Really easy to use and very accurate. Really helps me with my studies, particularly the voice commands which help me to control my Mac with my voice. Wouldn’t be without it.  
Mohammed Ahmed

Really love TalkType. A big step ahead of Mac Dictations. Unlimited usage, much more stable and tonnes of voice commands. Really helps me as a dyslexic student!

Luke Aylen

Very impressed with TalkType… Having tested and thrown out lots of assistive tech in the last ten years, and dealt with often nonexistent or utterly unconcerned customer service, it’s really refreshing to see a product that is getting very active development and such personal customer care.

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