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Frequently asked questions

Where is my data stored when I use TalkType?

Your data is processed and stored right here in the United Kingdom. It’s also encrypted for your peace of mind. You can find out more about the safety and security of your data here.

Do I need any hardware to run TalkType on my Mac?

Nope! TalkType runs directly from your Mac without the need to plug in any additional hardware.

What third party apps does TalkType work with?

TalkType works with any apps on your Mac, including Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, iWork, Safari, Menedley, Zataro, Global autocorrect, Mindview, and many more.

What version of iOS does TalkType work on?

TalkType works on MacOS Catalina, MacOS BigSur and MacOS Monterey.

Is TalkType available on mobile and iPad?

Yes! As of September 2022, TalkType works as a mobile app. Head to the Downloads page to get TalkType for Apple or Android.

Does TalkType auto punctuate?

Yes. There is a setting within TalkType which allows you to auto punctuate your dialogue.

How do I buy TalkType?

You can purchase TalkType online. Choose between TalkType Lite or TalkType Pro, depending on your needs. If you’d like to purchase TalkType at scale for a business or educational institution, you’ll need to talk to our sales team.

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Since 2008, I have been using every voice recognition software available for the Mac. To date, TalkType is the best voice recognition software that has ever been available for the Mac.
David Edwards – AT Trainer