Product Features

Dictation at lightspeed

Lag? What lag? TalkType delivers lightning fast AI-powered dictation.

The saved sessions page on TalkType.
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Best-in-class accuracy and speed

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Customisable words and phrases

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Secure & GDPR compliant

What is TalkType?

TalkType is highly accurate dictation software built specifically for Mac.

With TalkType, you can easily control your device with your voice - simply download the software and get started today.

  • ✓ Compatible with 200+ apps
  • ✓ Get started with a 14-day free trial
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How does it work?

Most in-built device dictation is notoriously poor: you’re often battling against slow dictation speeds, and inaccurate or, at best, low quality output. TalkType dictation software is the remedy to your frustrations and can be used in two key ways.