Harness the power of your voice

Lag? What lag? TalkType delivers highly accurate, lightning-fast dictation.

Dictate anywhere!

Working on an essay in Word? The TalkType app enables you to transfer your dictation into any other app of your choice in real-time.

Unbelievable accuracy, lightning-fast speed

When it comes to accuracy, TalkType outperforms all the major cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Add your own custom words and shortcuts

Dictating unique terminology? TalkType gives you the power to upload your own custom words, phrases, or acronyms. Using the custom shortcuts feature you can speed up your dictation by saving frequently used phrases as a shortcut within the app.

Works across Windows, Mac, Chromebook and mobile

Whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook user, TalkType is compatible across all platforms. It also works on mobile and tablets.

“The speed of TalkType? Wow. It’s amazing. It’s so quick in the way it transcribes everything onto the page, and with a high level of accuracy.

I think you’ll be blown away with how effective it is.”

David Edwards,
Assistive Tech trainer

Distraction-free dictation

TalkType has been thoughtfully designed to be as clutter free as possible. Perfect if you find busy apps overwhelming.

No app download required!

TalkType is accessible via your browser. This
means you can get dictating without the need
to download and install an app. Simply visit the
TalkType website and log in.

Customise TalkType to suit your visual preferences

You can customise TalkType to how you like it. Switch between light and dark mode, increase font size, or take advantage of the OpenDyslexic font to help with readability.

Customer support via WhatsApp

Our award-nominated customer support team offer assistance through email, live chat, and WhatsApp. Need to reach out on the go? No problem.