TalkType 2.0

Ready for the brand new TalkType? You can download TalkType 2.0 here and try the latest features.

Latest MacOS

Monterey & BigSur

Desktop Version

Download TalkType Version 2.0

Previous MacOS


Desktop Version

Download TalkType Version 2.0

Version 2.0 Release Notes

TalkType 2.0 is a brand new version of TalkType, designed directly with our customers. The new version has three ways of working, Dictate Notes allows you to create notes directly in TalkType with just your voice. Auto-Dictate allows you to dictate directly into third-party apps. You can use TalkType voice commands at any point using the prefix “TalkType”.

A Quick Note on License Keys and Accounts

When upgrading TalkType, depending on your license type you may require a license key reset. If your license key is not accepted on installation, please contact us at and we’ll sort this out for you super fast. To use TalkType you will need to create an account after installation.