About Us

Hello. We’re TalkType.

Nice to Meet You.

At TalkType, we provide cutting edge speech recognition and captioning products. We exist to address two problems:

1. The Productivity Gap – with ever-increasing workloads and demands on people’s time, we aim to help people be more productive.

2. Accessibility – everyone is different. We aim to develop products that enable those with disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Our technology is highly specialised from healthcare dictation software to audio and video captioning, all built partnership with a multi-disciplinary team of experts.

Our core strength is our people. They have unparalleled experience from bootstrapping technology start-ups to working on global technology deployments at the world’s largest banks, it’s this diversity of skills and experience that makes TalkType truly unique.

We’re a UK based company driven by a small team of dedicated people based all over the world, London – San Fran – Chandigarh and beyond. We’re agile, working with our clients to make sure our products perfectly fit their needs while being scalable to work across hundreds of thousands of users concurrently.

Want to find out more about us? Get in touch hello@talk-type.com

Our Products

For Caption.Ed Caption.Ed allows you to caption any media in any application.
TalkType Dictation - Professional
For Dictation - Professional Professional dictation software designed for you.
TalkType Dictation - Education
For Dictation - Education Dictation software designed for lecturers, teachers and students.


Live and Pre-Recorded WCAG 2.1 compliant captioning


Highly Specialised

Niche Solutions

We develop solutions for specific problems, industries and professions. Leveraging the right solution for the specific challenge.




We’re a professional, responsible and friendly organisation, working to deliver great solutions that work for everyone.



Flexibility by Design

We’re flexible. We understand the world is a rapidly changing place and we change with it.



Secure and Robust

All our technology is secure and robust. We understand confidentiality and continuity is important for the tools you use.