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Accurate and speedy dictation

Inbuilt dictation products are notoriously poor quality. With TalkType, you’re guaranteed highly accurate, lightning-fast dictation. You’ll wonder why you ever went without it.

Accuracy which outperforms the rest

When it comes to accuracy, TalkType outperforms all the major cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, OpenAI and Amazon.

Daily users

Apps supported

Intuitive and simple design

TalkType has been designed to be as clutter free as possible. This means you can find voice commands, shortcuts, and settings quickly and logically. Perfect if you’re someone who find busy apps overwhelming.

Add custom words

Dictating unique terminology? Add your own custom words to TalkType.

Tailor TalkType to you

Customise the app to suit your visual preferences with dark or light mode.

Dictate to other apps

TalkType lets you transfer dictation into any other app in real-time.

Quick set up

No need to set up a voice profile. Get started in under one minute!

Award-nominated customer support

Our award-nominated customer support team offer assistance through email, live chat, and WhatsApp. Need to reach out on the go? No problem.

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