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Our Difference

Leading Edge Legal Dictaction Software

10,000+ Legal Words

TalkType Legal includes over 10,000 legal specific words, not covered in most dictation software.


TalkType integrated with your favourite applications include Microsoft Office and Apple iWork

Works on Mac

TalkType is the only robust dictation software design and built to work on Mac.


One time purchase of the software with no mandatory ongoing subscription costs.

Text Formatting

Format documents by voice in your favourite text editors include Microsoft Work and iWork Pages.

Your Device

Works perfectly offline with all data staying on your device.

2-Minutes Video

See TalkType Legal in Action

Make Easy Work of Drafting

Increased Productivity

Put your voice to work to reduce the time you take to draft client documentation. Dictation can be up to four times faster than typing, allowing you to spend more time with clients and less time drafting.

Works completely offline and provides you hundreds of voice commands at your finger tips.

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TalkType Dictation Works With

And Many More…

Minimum System Requirements

TalkType requires MacOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later to work. Don’t have Catalina, simply upgrade for free from Apple.

4GB RAM, 16GB Disk Space required.

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Institutional Licenses

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